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1969 Ford Mark IV

Mattel's take on the Ford MK IV pays homage to Henry Ford's visionary design of the original 1:1 Ford GT40 Mk IV, a true racing legend that claimed victory at its debut in Sebring back in 1967. 🏁🚗

This model, crafted with passion, found its home in both the U.S. and Hong Kong factories, thrilling collectors for roughly two years.  It boasts a rear hatch that swings open, accompanied by a sticker sheet sporting racing stripes and numbers. But here's where the regional twist comes in – the Hong Kong version rocks the racing number "5," while the U.S. counterpart proudly wears the number "1."

Now, let's talk about evolution! Like some of its Grand Prix Series companions, later production castings were tweaked to include a peg, safeguarding the rear hatch from fully opening and preventing it from breaking off the hinges. Smart, right?

When it comes to style, the Ford MK IV flaunted a vibrant palette, with various Spectraflame colors to choose from, not to mention the bold red enamel. The U.S. model showed off a crystal-clear windshield, while the Hong Kong version featured the classic blue tint. Inside, it was all about sleek black, and for that extra power on the road, this beauty cruised on medium wheels both in the front and rear.

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1 Comment

Vanessa Jackson
Vanessa Jackson
Oct 12, 2023

I have hundreds of hot wheels from the 1968 forward!!!!!

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