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1969- Indy Eagle

Introducing the Indy Eagle, one of four open-wheel Indy cars from the exciting new Grand Prix Series this year! 🏁

Our Hot Wheels version pays tribute to the #48 Ford-Weslake Indy Eagle, famously piloted by driver Jochen Rindt in the thrilling 1967 Indianapolis 500.

This Indy Eagle, like its fellow racers, exclusively rolled off the assembly line in Hong Kong, capturing the hearts of collectors for approximately two years. Through its blue-tinted windscreen, you'll catch a glimpse of a partially exposed metal engine and twin chromed plastic tailpipes united by a sleek small wing.

When it comes to style, the Indy Eagle was a canvas for creativity, sporting a vibrant array of Spectraflame colors. What's more, it proudly displayed the "Hot Wheels" decal, expertly applied at the factory, right on the lower right side of the car. Each blister pack included a waterslide decal sheet featuring racing numbers, "48," and an assortment of sponsors' logos.

But wait, there's a touch of gold!  Some lucky Indy Eagle models sparkled in gold chrome, from their engines to their pipes and even their base. Most of these beauties featured a dependable black interior, but if you're on the hunt, you might just stumble upon the rarer champagne interiors.

Now, here's the twist – some Indy Eagles came with a distinctive white interior, other than the typical red, making them exceptionally elusive. And when it came to the base, you'd typically find them unpainted, but a less common version sported a sleek black-painted base.

If you or someone you know happens to have any redlines Hot Wheels from the 1960s-1970s, I'd love to hear from you! Please shoot me a message! #1960s1970sredlines #redlineshotwheels #vintage #hotwheelscollector #hotwheelscollection #hotwheels 🔥🏎️ #RedlinesHotWheels #VintageToys #HotWheelsCollector #ClassicCars #ToyCarTreasures #NostalgiaRide"

Photo from online redline guide.

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