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1969- McLaren M64

Explore the McLaren M6A, a miniature masterpiece by Mattel!  This 1/64 version was modeled after Bruce McLaren's original Can Am racer, which he designed, built, and raced himself. It rolled out of both the U.S. and Hong Kong plants and was available for approximately two years.

Just like some of the other Grand Prix Series cars from the 1969 Hot Wheels lineup, early production models often suffered from missing or broken rear opening hatches due to overextension. To fix this, later production cars featured a peg to limit how far the hatch could open.

The U.S. version sports a clear windshield, while the Hong Kong models flaunt the typical blue-tinted glass.

The McLaren M6A is a rainbow of colors with various spectraflame shades, including an orange enamel that pays homage to Bruce McLaren's original car, complete with a sticker sheet bearing his racing number "4."

Notably, a few rare red enamel examples and an extremely rare dark green enamel McLaren M6A have recently emerged. These are thought to be from an early production run or possibly preproduction models. 🌟

All models, whether from the U.S. or Hong Kong, sport a black interior, although some U.S. cars are adorned with a brown interior, which can be more challenging to find. They all come equipped with medium wheels on both front and rear axles.  #McLarenM6A #HotWheels #CollectorCars #RareFinds

If you or someone you know happens to have any redlines Hot Wheels from the 1960s-1970s, I'd love to hear from you! Please shoot me a message! #1960s1970sredlines #redlineshotwheels #vintage #hotwheelscollector #hotwheelscollection #hotwheels 🔥🏎️ #RedlinesHotWheels #VintageToys #HotWheelsCollector #ClassicCars #ToyCarTreasures #NostalgiaRide

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