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36’ Ford Coupe

Introducing the iconic 1936 Ford Coupe, a true symbol of American automotive culture! 🚗🇺🇸

This classic beauty has a rich history in the world of hot rods, having undergone countless modifications over the years - from chopping to channeling, lowering to tubbing, and even sporting those distinctive flames. The possibilities were endless!

And here's a fun fact: Since 1969, the '36 Ford Coupe has been forever immortalized in a 1/64th scale as part of Hot Wheels' second-year lineup. 🏁

Mattel's rendition of the '36 Ford Coupe is based on the 1936 Ford 3-window Coupe, which had that unique two-window design on each side. Back in its prime, this Coupe was a beloved model, featuring a powerful V-8 engine and a rear rumble seat for extra passengers. Today, it's a favorite among classic car restorers and often graces the stages of auto shows in some truly fascinating configurations.

All these '36 Coupes rolled out from Mattel's U.S. plant, boasting clear windows, a sleek black-painted roof, and a nifty opening rumble seat in the rear. What makes them intriguing for collectors is the number of "seat buttons" on that rumble seat. Fun fact: These buttons were used as identifiers for each cavity in the mold used to craft the interior parts. Word has it there were cavities for nine seat backs in the mold, so collectors keep an eye out for all nine, equally distributed.

While you can spot the '36 Coupe in common hues like blue, aqua, and green, hunting down those elusive colors like "apple" green, "ice" blue, or true yellow can be quite the challenge. Much like the McLaren M6A, this Coupe was produced in a spectrum of Spectraflame shades, occasionally causing a bit of color confusion. And, as a testament to their popularity among kids, finding one in mint condition can be quite the treasure hunt - they were simply too beloved not to be played with! 💎🏎️

If you or someone you know happens to have any redlines Hot Wheels from the 1960s-1970s, I'd love to hear from you! Please shoot me a message! #1960s1970sredlines #redlineshotwheels #vintage #hotwheelscollector #hotwheelscollection #hotwheels 🔥🏎️ #RedlinesHotWheels #VintageToys #HotWheelsCollector #ClassicCars #ToyCarTreasures #NostalgiaRide"

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