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Chaparral 2G

The Hot Wheels rendition of the Chaparral 2G drew its inspiration from the real-life 1:1 Grand Prix racer meticulously designed and constructed by Jim Hall. This high-performance car was known for its distinctive large hydraulic rear spoiler.

Manufactured at both the U.S. and Hong Kong production facilities, this Hot Wheels model remained in circulation for approximately two years. It showcased a removable white plastic wing mounted on a rear-opening hatch. Accompanying the model was a sticker sheet featuring Jim Hall's racing number, "66." The Chaparral 2G was made available in various spectraflame colors, mirroring the white enamel shade of the original Can Am racer.

In the case of U.S. models, a clear windshield was the norm, while the Hong Kong version sported its characteristic blue-tinted glass. U.S. Chaparrals typically featured a black interior, although a few rare instances with a brown interior have been spotted, making them more elusive. Hong Kong models exclusively came with a black interior.

As production progressed, modifications were introduced to address a common issue: the rear hatch often broke off when opened too far. Later iterations of the model featured a modified casting with a peg designed to prevent this problem. Additionally, it came equipped with medium front and rear axles to enhance its durability and performance.

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