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Classic Ford 1932 Vicky

Mattel's 1969 Hot Wheels lineup included another nostalgic gem - the 'Classic 1932 Ford Vicky.' While this miniature 1/64 scale version had some minor tweaks, it retained the essence of the original classic. The '32 Ford Vicky boasts intricate detailing that has earned it a special place in collectors' hearts.

Produced at the U.S. plant, this model was part of the Hot Wheels family for about three years. Most of these models sported a sleek, flat black-painted roof. However, there are two elusive variations with a glossy, textured black-painted roof that collectors cherish for their rarity.

Among the rare finds is the "open-shock suspension," believed to be from an early, limited production run. These are seldom seen today, often broken due to their delicate construction. Mattel eventually modified the casting to create the more common closed version, likely due to durability concerns.

This miniature masterpiece features eight exposed side pipes (four on each side) integrated into the unpainted metal base, extending just behind the front wheels. The Vicky also showcases a clear windshield and an exposed engine positioned behind a sizeable black-painted radiator. Its design includes wide flared fenders both at the front and rear, offering options for white or dark interior, and it rolls on medium-sized front wheels and larger ones at the rear.

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