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Custom Barracuda

The Custom Barracuda, part of the 1968 Hot Wheels line-up, is a standout among Muscle Cars. It was designed based on the sleek 1967 Plymouth Barracuda two-door fastback, captivating collectors with its popularity that lasted for two years.

All U.S. Barracudas featured a clear windshield, while the detailed interior boasted a dashboard-molded steering wheel. The separate molding for the front and rear seats added to its authenticity. The U.S. models sported short "power bulges" on the hood and a narrow cowl area between the hood and windshield. The Custom Barracudas came with an unpainted metal base, and the U.S. version had shorter side pipes. Additionally, both the U.S. and Hong Kong versions had medium-sized wheels, with the rear wheels slightly larger. Interestingly, neither the U.S. nor Hong Kong models had a black-painted roof.

Hong Kong Models, on the other hand, were equipped with a blue-tinted windshield. Their interior featured a one-piece molding with a less detailed, flat panel replacing the dashboard. The larger separate black steering wheel added to the variation. Hong Kong models were found with interiors in white, brown, gray, and purple. The purple interior was specifically designed to match the purple spectraflame body but was also discovered on the copper and aqua models, albeit rarely.

The Hong Kong casting differed with longer "power bulges" on the hood and a thicker cowl area between the hood and windshield. The initial Hong Kong Custom Barracudas were fitted with deep-dish wheels, and a sought-after version known as the "Hybrid" Custom Barracuda emerged. This collectible variant featured a U.S. body, windshield, and interior, but with a Hong Kong base. Some rare examples of the Hybrid also came with the distinctive Hong Kong blue-tinted windshield. These Hybrids were likely the result of tooling issues or parts shortages, necessitating the shipping of Hong Kong components to the U.S. factory. Notably, Hybrids were found in various colors, including antifreeze, aqua, blue green, gold, purple, and rose. There is even a rare combination where an orange model had a U.S. hood on a Hong Kong body, along with the typical Hong Kong base, interior, and windshield. The Hybrid variations, excluding antifreeze and rose, carry higher value among collectors.

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