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Flying colors from Mike

Flying colors collection from Mike in California! He sent them with an extra special touch, the drawing of the car! Perfectly preserved and still in their original blisterpacks! The "Flying Colors" series was introduced in 1974. This was one of Mattel's first issue of tampos on a Hot Wheels vehicle. This collection features the “Buzz Off”. This car is a fantasy hypercar with turbine engine technology. It is the same Tri Baby casting from 1970 in enamel base colors. If you or someone you know has any redlines from the 1960’s-1970’s Please shoot me a message!

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John Trot
John Trot
Apr 24, 2023

Who would sign the back


Troy Are Grant
Troy Are Grant
Apr 18, 2023

Awesome. Would love to see pics of the 312Ps

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