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Hot Heap


The Hot Heap is a hot-rod Ford Model T roadster that was based on a California full-fendered roadster named “Tognotti’s T”. It is unusual to see a real T-Bucket roadster with all the fenders still attached. This model was issued for approximately three years and has always remained one of the favorite old time classics. All models have an unpainted metal base, incorporating eight exhaust pipes, four on each side. U.S. interiors are found in white, champagne, and dark brown. The trunk on the U.S. model is shorter than that of the Hong Kong cast. All Hong Kong Hot Heaps were issued with a blue-tinted squared-off windshield, and a separate black steering wheel. Hong Kong interiors are found in white, champagne, gray and dark brown.

If you or anyone you know have REDLINES HOT WHEELS from the 1960’s-1970’s shoot me a message! #1960s1970sredlines #redlineshotwheels #vintagehotwheels #redlines #hotwheels #hotheap

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