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Incredible Collection owned by an Even More Incredible Person!

Updated: Apr 18

Recently I received a call from a very kind, sincere person named Lorette. She had a very large collection which was owned by her father who left this world in 2014. She just now started sorting through the collection to decide what to do with everything. It wasn't easy for Lorette to see all of these cars again, as she was very close with her father. In fact, his whole family helped him build his collection, including Lorette and her brothers, Lance and Leslie.

Her father's name was Gary Lee MclLnay. He was just an outstanding human being, was kind to everyone and everyone around him adored him.

His collection was very impressive as it contained some very difficult cars to find, so he had an eye for the special ones and had the intuition to buy and keep them. His daughter Lorette spoke so highly of him, she was daddy's girl, big time!

It was a FANTASTIC trip going out to meet Lorette and Ron. My good friend Brad joined me for the road trip and we all had a great time. Now they feel like family!

Here is a picture of Gary holding a VERY special car. His family owned a floral shop and Lorette was able to get in contact with a Mattel executive, who agreed to her request to create a customized car with the family company logo on it. Lorette set it up in a store on the shelf, giving her dad the biggest and best surprise!

I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to meet Lorette and Ron, and to have the amazing opportunity to purchase this collection.

I have a new life goal: be such a wonderful father that my daughters will talk about me how Lorette talks about her father, Gary.

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