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Skyshow Deora “Aero Launcher”

Kicking off the 1970’s with "Aero Launcher" Deora by Mattel, exclusively designed for the "Sky Show Track Set" and available only in the Canadian market. Often dubbed the "Sky Show Deora," collectors commonly associate it with the more prevalent "Aero Launcher" Fleetside, also known as the "Sky Show Fleetside."

This model shares its body with the 1968 Hong Kong Deora but underwent modifications to incorporate an orange ramp supported by an orange base. Unlike the adjustable ramp on the "Aero Launcher" Fleetside, the Deora's ramp is fixed, permanently attached to the truck bed with two rivets (one brass and one silver).

The "Aero Launcher" Deora was accompanied by three different color planes (blue, green, and yellow) and a decal sheet featuring Hot Wheels logos, assorted designs and flames for the wings, and a rectangular Sky Show label with a checkerboard design for the truck sides.

Secured by two slots on the top of the ramp, a plane, attached with a rubber band to the front clip on the bottom, is set for takeoff. A unique launch trigger, exclusive to the Sky Show set, releases the plane into flight when the truck runs over it.

Unlike some Hot Wheels models, this one lacks a collector button. The values provided are for a complete Aero Launcher, inclusive of the vehicle with properly placed decals and the fixed ramp.

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