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Custom Corvette

The Custom Corvette, one of the original 16 Hot Wheels models, garnered immense popularity among both kids and Corvette enthusiasts. It was manufactured in both the U.S. and Hong Kong factories for a span of approximately two years, resulting in notable casting differences between the two versions.

The U.S. Corvette featured a slightly smaller hood compared to its Hong Kong counterpart. Underneath the hood, one can observe the larger engine found in the Hong Kong model, contrasting with the shorter engine in the U.S. version. The body design also allowed for easy identification between the U.S. and Hong Kong cars. In the U.S. casting, the rear end formed part of the base, while in the Hong Kong model, it was integrated into the body.

U.S. models boasted a clear windshield and a one-piece interior incorporating a steering wheel. The U.S. interior was found in colors such as white, brown, and champagne. On the other hand, the Hong Kong interior displayed more intricate detailing, with the steering wheel attached to the console as a separate component. The Hong Kong interior featured two variations: the more common one had a short black steering wheel that provided a contrasting element to the interiors, while the late production models were equipped with a long steering wheel matching the interior color—a highly elusive find, valued at 200% of mint condition.

During the early production run, deep-dish wheels were featured on the Custom Corvette.

If you or anyone you know have any Redlines Hotwheels from the 1960’s-1970’s, please shoot me a message!

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