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Redline Hot Wheels

In Search Of The Real Deal - Redline Hot Wheels

There are Hot Wheels... and then there are Hot Wheels Redliners. My name is Brandon, and I just happen to be a passionate collector of the latter. Like Spock - er, I mean Leonard Nimoy, host of the 70s television show In Search Of, I am looking for Redline Hot Wheels to buy. These valued toy model cars are distinguished by a thin red line on their wheels, also signifying and confirming that their manufacture dates fall between 1968 and 1973.

That also happens to be in the same era as the aforementioned television series that began in 1976. So, if you have spotted these Loch Ness monsters (although they aren't nearly that rare), or a Yeti of the toy car world known as Hot Wheels Redliners, then we should talk. I am no Spock and none of us are on the Starship Enterprise, but my pursuit of the elusive Redline Hot Wheels does continue. That is also where you come in, and if you have heard of or have had any spotting of these haunted relics, then reach out to me at I Buy Old Hot Wheels, today.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and tune in to this week's episode of I Buy Old Hot Wheels. Contact me via Facebook or email with any sightings, questions, or to learn more about how to turn your Hot Wheel Redliners into cash. Are they in your attic, lurking? Under your bed, hiding? In your garage, waiting? Wherever they are discovered, I can help and you can earn money, as the search for Redline Hot Wheels continues...

Redline Hot Wheels
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