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Custom Cougar

The Custom Cougar, part of the 1968 line-up, stood out as a favored design during its time. This Hot Wheels model, meticulously crafted after the 1967 Mercury Cougar, represented a remarkable miniature rendition of the full-scale 1:1 car.

Collectors affectionately term these finely detailed 1/64 scale replicas as Customs, holding a special place in the hearts of all Redline enthusiasts. This particular model was in circulation for approximately two years and was manufactured in both the U.S. and Hong Kong plants.

Depending on the exterior color, the Cougars were paired with specific interior colors: Hong Kong cars offered choices like white, gray, brown, orange-brown, and light blue, while U.S. cars came with options of white, champagne, and dark brown. Notably, the steering wheel colors followed a consistent pattern, with black steering wheels for Hong Kong models and steering wheels matching the car's interior color for U.S. models. The windshields also adhered to a typical pattern, featuring tinted blue glass for Hong Kong versions and clear glass for U.S. counterparts.

Both the U.S. and Hong Kong models shared similar features, boasting a bare metal base, smaller wheels in the front and medium-sized wheels in the back, and an opening hood that revealed a finely detailed 8-cylinder engine. The meticulously designed body lines, realistic front grill, standard bucket seats, and intricately detailed interior collectively contribute to making this model an exceptionally desirable car for collectors. Notably, U.S. models did not have a black roof variant, but a significant number of Hong Kong models were adorned with a black roof, some of which are exceptionally rare to find.

During the initial production run of Hong Kong Custom Cougars, they were fitted with deep-dish wheels. Additionally, both the U.S. and Hong Kong models featured a hard-to-find variation known as the "Painted Tooth," available in only four distinct colors.

If you or anyone you know have any Redlines Hot Wheels from the 1960’s-1970’s please shoot me a message, thank you!

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