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Custom Mustang

The Custom Mustang stands out as one of the most sought-after models among the initial 16 original Hot Wheels introduced in 1968. Collectors from both the Hot Wheels and Mustang enthusiast communities are drawn to its allure. This iconic model was crafted in the likeness of the 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback, and its popularity is reinforced by its association with this classic.

Available in a diverse range of colors, including a couple of exceptionally rare variations, the Custom Mustang captured attention. The design featured an opening hood, concealing the meticulously detailed engine bay when closed. Notably, the Hong Kong production exhibited an intriguing departure. This factory pioneered the inclusion of open scoops cut into the hood, offering a tantalizing glimpse of the engine beneath. This distinctive and scarcely found feature has earned fervor among collectors, due to its elusive nature.

A distinctive hallmark of the Custom Mustang is the fully exposed rear window, which defines its profile. A remarkable exception exists within the U.S. model, sporting a sportier aesthetic with a louvered rear window. This exceptional variation infuses the fastback design with a fresh and dynamic appearance.

Early off the Hong Kong production line, the Custom Mustang dazzled in red and gold hues. Red variants featured a red interior, complemented by the classic black steering wheel. In contrast, the gold Hong Kong Mustangs showcased a brown interior. These versions exhibited unique traits, like the flat dashboard, painted rear panel matching the car's color (later painted black), blue-tinted glass, and the distinctive deep dish wheels that marked their initial production runs. As time progressed, the lineup expanded to encompass a wider array of interior and body colors.

Similarly, the early production U.S. Mustangs were marked by white or dark brown interiors, each paired with a matching compact steering wheel. This iteration showcased defining features like the raised dashboard, clear glass, painted rear taillight panel, painted front grille, and an outlined fuel cap, contributing to its authenticity.

For both U.S. and Hong Kong versions, acquiring the Mustang within blister packs poses a challenge. Amid the red and gold varieties that remain within their original packaging, the exceedingly rare "open hood scoop" variant is a true gem, with only a couple of packaged examples known to exist. The U.S. Mustang's "louvered rear window" variant mirrors this rarity. Notably, white interiors enhance the desirability of this casting.

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