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Custom Volkswagen Beetle

Introducing the Custom Volkswagen – a tribute to the iconic Volkswagen "Beetle." The 1968 Custom Volkswagen is a meticulous representation of the original car proposed by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche in 1934 as an affordable "people's car." From its inception, the "Beetle" captured hearts in Germany and soon gained global popularity.

The Hot Wheels version of the Custom Volkswagen was a standout in the 1968 lineup, produced in both the U.S. and Hong Kong. Its intricate design left no detail unnoticed. With a blown V-8 engine on display, a detailed interior featuring a long steering wheel, and a functional sunroof (except on one variant), this 1/64 scale model was a collector's dream.

In the U.S. model, you'll find clear windows, a sliding sunroof, silver painted headlights, and a dual-injector engine. The Hong Kong version also impressed with a sliding sunroof and distinct blue-tinted windows. Interestingly, there's a rare "No Sun Roof" variant, exclusive to the European market, particularly Germany and the UK. These early models hold a special place in the history of Custom Volkswagen production.

Whether from the U.S. or Hong Kong, these models showcased an array of stunning spectraflame colors and came with small front wheels and medium back wheels. Both variations of the Hong Kong model featured captivating blue-tinted windows and sliding sunroofs. The headlights seamlessly extended from the casting of the car's base, while the engine sported a blower on top.

From brown to light brown and white interiors, the Custom Volkswagen delighted collectors with various interior colors. All Hong Kong models boasted a distinct black steering wheel, adding to their uniqueness. Whether U.S. or Hong Kong, the attention to detail and craftsmanship in these models is truly remarkable. The initial production of Hong Kong models even featured deep-dish wheels, marking a significant chapter in the Custom Volkswagen's history.

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