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The Deora, part of the original set of sixteen Hot Wheels models introduced in 1968, stands out as a customized "surfer truck" designed by Mattel's inaugural Hot Wheels creator, Harry Bentley Bradley. It had a production run of about two years, manufactured in both the U.S. and Hong Kong facilities. To infuse a Californian vibe, Mattel incorporated two surfboards, with U.S. variants boasting a yellow and reddish-orange board, while Hong Kong versions came with yellow and orange ones, distinguished by a taller fin.

The model's black tonneau cover is a non-functional part of the truck's body, and its unique feature lies in the rear window's twin apertures designed for surfboard insertion. While the U.S. edition flaunts clear windows, the Hong Kong counterpart showcases the signature blue-tinted glass. An interesting evolution occurred in 1970 when the model was enhanced with a permanently attached ramp exclusive to the Canadian Sky Show track set. Other distinctions between the U.S. and Hong Kong Deoras include chassis details: the U.S. version's chassis integrates the front bumper, headlights, and "grille" section, whereas the Hong Kong version's chassis lacks the "grille" area. Notably, the U.S. Deora exhibits louvered headlights, while the Hong Kong variant displays smooth ones.

Interior variations are also apparent, with U.S. Deoras available in white, champagne, dark brown, and sporadically, black interiors. On the other hand, Hong Kong interiors come in white and dark shades. The U.S. model features a single-piece interior with a dashboard and steering wheel, while the Hong Kong variant's two-piece interior omits the dashboard and positions the steering wheel on the driver's side door. Interestingly, Hong Kong Deoras often exhibit loose steering wheels, even in packaged examples, causing them to rattle within the vehicle.

A unique aspect of the Deora is its departure from the standard Hot Wheels configuration, as it came equipped with four small-sized wheels. In the early days of Hong Kong production, the model frequently sported four deep-dish wheels, and the very first Hong Kong Deoras showcased partially painted bases.

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