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Doug from Idaho!

A fun collection from Doug in Idaho, Thank you Doug!

Tuesday Trivia: True or False

A somewhat rare base variation can be found on the early run models of the VW beetle?

Answer: TRUE

the “All Caps" version exists where

the name, "CUSTOM VOLKSWAGEN" is spelled out in all capital letters.

The Volkswagen "Beetle" is perhaps themost-recognized and best-loved car of all time! Mattel's first version of the Volkswagen Beetle was called the "Custom Volkswagen". The Custom VW was produced at both the US and HK plants. US-made Custom VWs

featured silver painted headlights, clear windows and sliding sunroof, a metal engine, and a steering wheel that was molded as part of the interior. White interiors are common,

dark interiors are rare. All US Customs VWs have small (front) and medium (rear)bearing-style wheels.

If you or anyone you know have any REDLINES HOT WHEELS from the 1960’s-1970’s shoot me a message! Thank you!

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