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Hairy Hauler

1971- Hairy Hauler featured here in green.

The Hairy Hauler is a pure concept car featuring a massive blown piston engine behind a cool forward opening cockpit hatch. Designed by Paul Tam. It has a fully enclosed (clear glass) passenger compartment, and a detailed interior (white only) that is completely revealed when you raise-up the front section of the body. The fully exposed engine that sits high up in the bed, at the rear of the vehicle, has a dual exhaust that extends just pass the body.

It comes with an unpainted metal base and is equipped with medium wheels on both the front and rear axles. If you or anyone you know have any REDLINES Hot Wheels from the 1960’s-1970’s, please shoot me a message! Thank you! I Buy Old Hot Wheels #1960s1970sredlines #vintage #hotwheelscollector #redlines #hotwheels #WednesdayWisdom

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