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Hot Heap

The Hot Heap, a Ford Model T-based hot-rod roadster known for its connection to the "Tognotti's T" California full-fendered roadster, stands out due to its rare retention of all fenders on a T-bucket roadster. Spanning approximately three years of production, this model has consistently held a cherished place among vintage car collectors.

Produced in both Hong Kong and U.S. plants, all iterations of the Hot Heap feature an unpainted metal base boasting eight exhaust pipes, evenly distributed on each side. Notably, alterations in the shape and size of these exhaust pipes were introduced during a retooling phase for this casting.

Distinguishing features of the U.S.-made Hot Heaps encompass a clear, squared-off windshield and an interior-integrated molded steering wheel. The interiors are available in white, champagne, and dark brown. On the other hand, the Hong Kong versions showcase a blue-tinted, squared-off windshield along with a separate black steering wheel. Their interiors are offered in white, champagne, gray, and dark brown.

Among the U.S. Hot Heap examples of early production, a distinct variation presents itself in the form of a slanted windshield—a result of a mold defect during the manufacturing process. This peculiar trait, initially mistaken for damage, is now valued as a sought-after collector's variation. Furthermore, a subset of U.S. models features windshields with rounded corners, which are speculated to originate from prototype designs or an initial production run.

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