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Meet the man behind the collection.

My name is Brandon Nielsen and I am from Ogden, Utah.  I am an avid collector of these original vintage hot wheels cars that were sold in the late 1960s to mid-1970’s.  They have a red line on the outside of the tires and are referred to as “Redlines”.  I love to find collections that have been stored away for many years so they can once again be brought out to light and enjoyed.  I also really love the opportunity to buy from long time collectors who have decided to take a different direction or perhaps like to add to their “retirement” fund.  When I buy full collections I am able to keep the ones I like or need as well as I provide the extras to other passionate collectors in the hobby.

I absolutely pride myself on being upfront, honest and extremely fair to anyone I have the privilege of buying from.  When buying full collections as a bundle I pay at least 80% of full market value.  When buying individual cars I pay 100%.  It is far more important to me that the seller is 100% satisfied with the price, transaction and overall experience than it is for me to get a car I really want for my collection or a good deal on a full collection.  I believe that it is this reason that I have been able to acquire so many collections from people who have contacted other buyers for comparison.

I am a husband and father of 3 young children.  2 girls and 1 boy.  Funny fact is that the girls actually like the hot wheels cars better than the boy!  We have opened a few original track sets and they really loved setting up the orange tracks and racing the cars through the house.


- Hot wheels actually came out for sale in 1968, however, the original 16 cars actually have the date “1967” on the bottom.  This is because the castings and names were trademarked in the year prior to release for sale.

- Original Redline Hot Wheels were only made in the USA and Hong Kong.  If they say any other country on the bottom of the car then they are later remakes of the originals.

- The creator of Hot Wheels was named Elliot Handler.  His wife, Ruth Handler, was the one who created the original “Barbie Doll”.  What a pair!

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Michael Baird
Michael Baird
Apr 16, 2023

Hi I have 4 1965 mustang convertible hot weel how much can I get


Thomas Otten
Thomas Otten
Apr 05, 2023

I have a friend that has a few red lines. I tried to get some , but he seems to be interrested in tradeing for them. Do you have any old watches?

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