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This fun collection came from Misty in North Carolina! Featuring the 1973 SUPERFINE TURBINE!

The Superfine Turbine, designed by Larry Wood, is one of three castings that debuted in the 1973 product line that were never used again, the other two being the Sweet 16 and the Double Header. The Superfine Turbine is characterized by the prominent jet engine in the front. At the rear of the vehicle, there is a plastic door that pops open to expose a two-tiered shelf.

There are no known casting variations among Superfine Turbines, which is likely a consequence of the brief span of production. Seven colors have been found in the blister pack, dark blue, light blue, lime green, CIPSA orange, yellow, pink, and red. Any Superfine Turbine in blister pack is quite rare.

If you or anyone you know have any REDLINES Hot Wheels, please shoot me a message!

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