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Mike in Washington

Very cool car collection from Mike in Washington. He even had one still in its original blister pack! Reminder that I buy packaged and unpackaged hot wheels, as long as they are from the 1960’s-1970’s redlines release date! Condition will vary their value of course but if you or someone you know have any redlines from the 60’s or 70’s Please shoot me a message!

This collection has a variety of cool cars but wanted to give history on one of them today!

The Silhouette, one of the original sixteen models produced in 1968, is one of the most recognized and best loved Hot Wheels cars of all-time! (Back row, fifth from the left in blue) The Silhouette, designed by Harry Bradley, was based on a show car built by Bill Cushenberry in 1962. Cushenberry's original was purchased by the Ford Motor Company in 1963 and included in their Ford Custom Car Caravan road show.

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Larry Woodard
Larry Woodard
May 02, 2023

I have a few hot 🔥 wheels cars"" still in raped" I bought them back in the day when they were .(..25.cents)..

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