do you have some hot wheels from when you were a kid in the late 1960's to early 1970's?  Are you a collector looking to downsize?  Contact me for a free estimate!  quick, safe and easy! Just send me a text, call or email for a free estimate and

get paid for your

old hot wheels!  



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Vintage Hot Wheels
Old Hot Wheels
Vintage Hot Wheels

How it Works

Once you contact me I will just need to see a photograph of your hot wheels. This can easily be sent via text or email.  Once I have a look you can let me know how much you would like for them or I can just make you an offer.  After we agree on a price I will pay cash or PayPal.  Larger high dollar collections are purchased with cash in person.

When you receive the funds then you just box them up and take them to the post office.  Easy!

How to Identify the Hot Wheels I Collect

There are a few indicators for the Hot Wheels I collect.  First you should be able to see the date on the bottom.  If it's hard to make out then just take a look at the tires and see if there is a small red stripe and you've likely got what I'm looking for.  These are known as "Redlines" See this picture ->


The better the condition the more I pay for them. If you have some in the package still then I pay at least $100 per car, but can be far higher.  If they are in played with condition with paint chips and ware then I pay around $20 per car on average.  Mint common cars outside the package would be anywhere from $50-$1000 per car.  However, there are rare pre-production employee cars that are worth $5,000++!!

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