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1969- Turbofire

Check out the Turbofire, a standout among the 1969 Hot Wheels concept cars – the only one not inspired by a real 1:1 custom show car.

Crafted by Ira Gilford, this creation, while resembling the Torero at first glance, boasts distinct differences. Noticeably absent are fenders at the back, with the engine situated at the rear, unveiled by its rear-opening engine cover.

Similar to the Torero, this model was manufactured at the U.S. plant, gracing the scene for approximately two years. Revel in its features, including a clear windshield, medium wheels in the front and large in the back, and a vibrant array of colors. Notably, the Turbofire typically sports a white interior, making those with a dark interior more elusive. #Turbofire #ConceptCars #HotWheelsHistory #IraGilfordDesign

If you or anyone you know owns any of these vintage treasures, feel free to send a message!

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