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Custom T- Bird

Concluding the sweet sixteen is the Custom T-Bird, a standout from the 1968 Hot Wheels lineup, drawing inspiration from the real 1967 Ford Thunderbird. Over the span of about two years, this model has surged in demand among collectors. Created in both Hong Kong and the United States, it shares numerous traits with the initial fifteen Hot Wheels of 1968. These include features like the opening hood, metal chassis, and detailed plastic interior.

Distinguishing the Hong Kong models is the black-painted roof and blue-tinted windows. This variant boasts diverse interior colors and a detached black steering wheel. Its unique attributes include broader taillights on the back panel and an unpainted, larger front grille.

Early Hong Kong releases sported deep-dish wheels, often in gold or aqua shades, accompanied by a black roof and dark interior. In the United States, the model was available with or without a black-painted roof, clear glass, and a white or dark interior featuring a matching color steering wheel. Notably, the U.S. version displays a wider gap between the cowl and hood and features a black-painted front grille.

An intriguing exclusive to the U.S. casting is the "door line" variation. Close inspection reveals raised door outlines and more defined lines on the trunk compared to most other castings. While the exact origin remains uncertain, all signs point towards these cars bridging the gap between the original T-Bird casting and the 1970 "Spoilers" series TNT-Bird.

To this day, only three colors of the Custom T-Bird have been discovered with this rare "door line" variation.

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